Food experience here

Written by Mia November 20, 2014

Chinese food at CoCo, Bassano!

Regular meal in CIMBA I got two dish of soup and pasta!

Champaign served at supper

First dish-the pasta is traditional food

Amazing dessert I ever had

friendly girls after dinner

Chris seems happy being with us!

Mia, Barbara, Jinshu enjoyed the dinner

Will Mia Nick Ham enjoyed the dinner

Today, I am going to write about the food experience here.

Usually, what I have in CIMBA is like this; first plate-pasta risotto or soup, second plate-meat and vegetables, desert and fruits. Since there are a number of menus in first and second plates, I am satisfied with meals on campus. I could learn how Italian schools serve the cafeteria as well. What I like the most about the cafeteria is they serve salad and fruit unlimited during meal times. The dressing I always use is olive and lemon so that I can feel fresh salad!

This week, I had two special occasions to try new food other than cafeteria meals.

First, I went to Bassano which is bigger city nearby the campus and visited the Chinese restaurants with Korean girls and a Chinese girl, Jinshu. The name of the restaurant was Co-Co means good-good in Chinese. All 4 Asian girls were excited to have oriental food since they didn’t have it for 1 month. This is seafood fried rice noodle which was the best menu among what we ordered this day. It was pretty oriental but it still had western flavor because it was not really spicy.

The other occasion was the Gourmet Dinner. Before going to the dinner, Dr. Al taught us the Italian Etiquette in meals. I think learning table manner for the other country is a great way to feel new culture. It was pretty complicated for me but I became so excited to try Italian food in a luxurious restaurant. Going to the gourmet dinner, all of us need to wear formal dress. I believe such an event makes me experiential in formal situation.

Since it is not a manner to take a picture on the table, I don’t have many pictures about food but I did take some pictures with my friends.

These are the pictures I enjoyed with others!

See you~!