Dinner Invitation from Italian Family

Written by Mia November 15, 2014


As a CIMBIAN, all of us have the opportunity to join an italian family for dinner. I enrolled for the event and got a precious invitation from a very friendly family. I was so nervous and worried to join my new family but after the event, I found those worry were useless. The family I met was graceful but also kind. They served us high-quality food. Actually, I dare to say that it was my best supper ever. Every element was perfect. Home decorations, dishes, wine glass, home-made olive oil, foods, dessert, and even a cute dog!

dinner table at home. Wine, cozy and in vogue

The appitizer pie made up of egg, bacon, spinach, and traditional ham.

I really love this.

Pork cutlet. We can eat it with lemon juice. Very fresh.

It was home-made. the chocolate creme was rich.

Everytime I have coffee in italy, I am surprised at deep scent.

Friendly dog Otto!

After dinner, their son, Cezare, showed us the rest of the home. Surprisingly, they have chapel in the house. he said that neighbors come for prayer every Sundays. They also had a private wine storage room. My parents would have been happy to see this!!

Front of the Chapel.

So many wine bottles here. This is only a part.

It was great time to learn about Italian culture up close and enjoy a real home cooked Italian meal.

See you!