2nd Gourmet Dinner

Written by Mia October 28, 2014


Today, I will introduce CIMBA FALL 2014’s second gourmet dinner. Last time, the dinner was held in a nice Italian garden that provided us a full-course, formal dinner. This time the supper was held in a hotel. Even though both are formal dinners, the style was slightly different.  This dinner had an appetizer time outdoor (but inside a grand tent). We stood besides tables, held cocktails, and enjoyed appetizers while we talked. It was a perfect dinner that I have dreamed of since – it felt like I was at a movie star’s party! Red Carpet, food and drink were ready for CIMBA students!


best pie ever!appitizers

In the first photo is the best pie I ever had! This was made up of bacon, egg and spinach, I assume. It was fluffy and soft!! Other than this pie, we had small pumpkin soup, cheese and pound-like cakes that were also delicious. Presented by the hotel’s chef, the foods were decorated well and we were very well treated.


nice time in gourmet

Here is  my friend, Ham, and me having non-alcohol cocktail during the pre-dinner party. All the students could hold this pretty wine glass and cheers! I loved the happy atmosphere that spread all over.

table setting

This is the table setting shot during the dinner. Since the course is already decided, we didn’t need to choose the menu, but the menu cards were on the table. They enabled us to check what part of dinner we were eating.


This was the second plate: mushroom risotto. The food was amazing and fabulous but I was enjoying the dinner so much that I forgot to take pictures of the plates. I regret that I cannot show you fantastic steak I had….


sparkling wine
Can you read the ‘ Moscato’ below the name of the wine? Moscato is a variety of wine which is kind of sweet. This special yellow moscatois from the Paderno area and was rather dry like red wine. It had strong scent of grapes. Before I came to Italy, all I liked was only sweet white wine, but now, I know what is the attraction of  good wine!

my favorite cake  2nd gourmet menu

The name of this cake is MILLEFOGLIE as you can see in the menu (right). Mille in French means 10,000, so I suppose in Italian it also means the same thing. The reason why I thought this is because the cake consisted of  several layers of bread and crème. I mentioned I tried my favorite-ever pie at the beginning of this gourmet dinner but FOR CAKES, this became the best cake ever!!!!!