CIMBA Relationships are Second to None

Written by Megan June 7, 2016

As soon as you arrive on campus at CIMBA, you will immediately begin to create relationships. The staff at the school, who are often not even related to the CIMBA program, want to help. Your peers, who are just as excited and nervous as you, want to help. The community, for example the store owners across the street from the university, want to help. And this immediate, open assistance and support creates instantaneous relationships, which is perhaps one of the most beneficial and unique aspects about CIMBA.

The CIMBA campus is part of the Istituti Paritari Flippin. With a relatively small campus, you will quickly become accustomed to the surrounding areas and communities. However, leaving campus and Paderno can be an entirely different game. This is where the exclusive relationships created at CIMBA can be maximized.

For example, as the first travel weekend at CIMBA rolled around for the summer program, students started to realize they were at a loss of where they should go. Discussion of various areas to go were thrown around campus like wildfire, but nothing really stuck for the majority of students except for the idea of a coastal city. When the talk of a seaside adventure continued, a willing staff member suggested and helped to arrange a trip for a number of students to Cinque Terre, which is a beautiful coastal city roughly five hours away by bus. This staff member’s generous act saved time, money, and stress for over 50 students.

It is beneficial relationships like this that students outside of CIMBA could not receive. As a student who partook in the Cinque Terre trip, I can say the experience was nothing but enjoyable and exciting. I never would have thought to travel to Cinque Terre, but because of the incredible relationships I have been able to attain through CIMBA, I got to experience a trip that will never be forgotten. Whether it be with staff members to go on a trip with, other students to grab dinner with, or community members to learn from, engage in opportunities where relationships can be formed. The relationships you will make at CIMBA will drastically change your experience, trip, and life for the better.