It’s the Final Count Down

Written by Megan January 14, 2015

…to this!

Packing from this…

Tre…Due…Uno…Blast off! With only three days left until I leave the States, all I can say is that it is GO TIME! This is, simply put, how I am feeling about the next three days as I prepare to embark on this adventure of a lifetime with the CIMBA program. With only a little bit of last minute preparation to do (a.k.a. packing…I don’t really suggest waiting until the final countdown to do so), some “see you soon’s” with friends (I am not a fan of goodbyes), and visiting with family, I am set to depart for Italy! I am currently coping with many different feelings, but eagerness and enthusiasm are by far the front runners.

Just for some background info, I am from Richland (Kalamazoo), Michigan and am a junior studying Human Resource Management at Western Michigan University. Other than taking a cruise in middle school, I have never had the opportunity to travel abroad until now. (So, here goes nothing!) I love Detroit sports (Go Tigers!), doing anything active and spending time with my amazing friends and family. In short, that pretty much sums me up!

I have been dreaming about participating in the CIMBA program ever since I stumbled upon it at a study abroad fair my freshman year, and in three short days, it will finally become an exciting reality. As I read into the program, the more I realize that it could not get any more perfect for me. And not to mention, pizza is my favorite food, so what better place to go than the country where it originated?! So, here I am, in my second to last semester of college getting ready to make amazing memories with tons of soon-to-be amici (friends). I cannot wait to absorb breathtaking sights, take the path less traveled and soak in an assortment of unfamiliar cultures.

To share with you the reality of my next few days in the US I am tasked with creatively packing!

Once I defeat the challenge of packing, the only thing standing between me and this exciting adventure is 72 hours, a not-so-short flight and the Atlantic Ocean! I cannot wait to share more with everyone about my travels and my thrilling CIMBA experience so check back soon to keep in touch.


Meg Loney