Study Essentials To Bring With You From Home

Written by Mallory December 9, 2016

I never leave home with out my pencil pouch. It has anything I could really ever need including highlighters, tape and sticky notes.

I love my agenda. I need to write everything down in order to keep it all straight. I never start a semester with out having a good day planner.

As finals week is approaching and the end of the semester is coming to a close, I am looking back on my experience and wishing I packed a few things! The way of life in Italy was a huge shock when I first got here. I didn’t know the language and didn’t really understand the culture. To make things even more strange, there were no stores that I really recognized and I didn’t have a car. That made shopping for essentials a bit of a struggle. Through a little bit of adaption, I have been able to make it work this semester, but want to share some things I wish I would have packed to make this semester a little bit easier. 

1. Flash cards— If you learn best by using flash cards (like me) pack them! I have looked high and low and have been unable to find them anywhere. I assumed that I would be able to just buy them when I got here, but that was so wrong! So if you think you might need even one flash card during the semester, you better make some room in your suitcase!

2. Scissors— This one might just be me, or the fact that I cut notebook paper to make flashcards (see above) but scissors would have been nice to have. These are something you can buy here, but like everything else they are different from they are at home. They are not necessarily a bad different, but different nonetheless. Maybe someone on the hall will have them or you can borrow them form the office, but if you will need them all the time, especially at all hours of the night, bring some from home!

Though there is not a Staples or Target anywhere close to PDG, somehow we have all made it work. I thought a bit about this before I left and grabbed some of the essentials such as pens/pencils, sticky notes, tape, highlighters and erasers. School supplies might not be the first thing on your mind when starting the packing process, but I encourage you all to consider your specific study habits and some of the things you may want while you’re away because you might not be able to buy them here!