What to Expect in Your First Week at CIMBA

Written by Madison May 25, 2017

Loved the view and the Gelato in Asolo!

Beautiful Bassano!

The pizza I got! It had pears and walnuts on it.

There were so many things I was excited for and so many things I was nervous about for my trip to Italy. But I would never know how anything would turn out until I actually got to experience life on the CIMBA campus. Currently, I am one week into the summer program, and I still can’t believe I am in another country. In this post, I’m going to share what I feel the best parts of this program are so far and what to expect for someone who might study abroad here in the future.

First, one of my favorite parts about this program is how open everyone is to meeting new people. Every time I see a new face, they are willing to share who they are, where they’re from, what they’re majoring in, and more. I think it’s great that since this program is fairly small, everyone makes the effort to talk to one another whenever they get the chance. Before arriving, I remember being nervous because I didn’t know anyone else who would be going on the trip. But after meeting many people in the same situation as me, I am grateful I came not knowing anyone else because it has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things but my second would have to be food. The food on the CIMBA campus has been better than most meals I had in my school’s dining hall. I think most people would disagree with me, but I am loving having pasta almost everyday. Along with good food on campus, the food off campus is amazing as well. In this first week, I walked to the pizzeria where I ordered a pizza and was surprised when it came out because I wasn’t able to understand what was written on the menu. Surprisingly, it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.

Although there have been some great aspects, there have also been some surprising things. One thing that is different here is that there are separate buttons on a toilet, one for flush and one for stop. It was confusing at first but once someone explained it to me, I got the hang of it. Also, in week one, there were constant events and excitement so every moment of sleep was needed. I think with a mixture of school, jet lag, and activities, this is the most tired I have ever been. But I know with time it will get better and my body will adjust. The only thing I can do is power through and put my best effort towards everything I do.

Finally, one thing  great about this program is they schedule different events for students to participate in during the week. Before coming to campus, I assumed I would be studying or exploring around town every day. When I found out about the events they offered, I signed up for as many as I could. So far I have been able to explore two other places, including Bassano and Asolo, and I’m looking forward to the Pasta and Dessert making classes this upcoming week. With all these events, it’s sometimes hard to see how fast this adventure is passing! Can’t believe I am already done with one week of classes and being abroad.