Italy, Finally

Written by Kelsey Y. May 22, 2013

I arrived on campus yesterday around 1pm Italy time which was 6am back in Iowa. By this point, I had been awake for almost 27 hours, gone through 4 airports, had my carry-on bag taken and checked at the Charlotte airport because they had run out of space in the overhead bins. I was so freaked out that it wouldn’t actually make it to Italy when it was supposed to, but luckily as I waited at baggage claim it showed up. The campus is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Seeing pictures doesn’t fully show just how amazing that first view of campus was, but here’s the CIMBA campus.

My first view of the gorgeous CIMBA campus


Today, we had our first classes which was pretty exciting. My professors seem really enthusiastic and want to make this a fun semester. I’m really looking forward to the company tours we get to take in the next couple weeks so be looking for an upcoming post about those!

CIMBA has set up several different day trips during our free afternoons to places nearby like Mt. Grappa, Asolo, Bassano, and Possano. Thursday night I’m going to Bassano at night. I talked to a group of girls that got back from the day trip to Bassano today and they said it was amazing. This experience is proving to be a once in a lifetime adventure that I am so glad I chose to participate in!

This weekend, a couple of girls and I are thinking about going skydiving in Switzerland if the weather cooperates. Skydiving is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time and being able to cross that off in Switzerland would be completely amazing!


That’s all for now! Ciao!