Is It Over Already?

Written by Kayla June 19, 2015

Blending in with the gondoliers in Venice

Learning to make tiramisu!

Gourmet dinner and learning international etiquette at Hotel Fior in Castelfranco

On the way to our fancy gourmet dinner

I did not think that that my CIMBA experience would fly by this fast, but lo-and-behold it’s over. Finals are completed; we’re checked out of our rooms and off on our final adventure (to Split, Croatia) before we head home. While CIMBA flew by way too fast, it is certainly an experience I am grateful to have had. After returning from Barcelona last weekend time seemed to speed up. The week was jam-packed with two field trips, an etiquette training, planning our final week of travel, a fancy dinner, learning how to make tiramisu, studying for finals, and enjoying as much of the Sports Café and Pizza Billy’s as we could squeeze into our final days.

The field trip for my audit class was very interesting. We had the opportunity to tour Luxottica, the company that makes Ray-Bans and many other brands of prescription and fashion eyewear. Touring the production site made me feel as if I was on an episode of “How It’s Made”. In class we had recently completed a project that was based on this company so having the opportunity to visit really tied everything together. I know that many other classes incorporated field trips that seem to have been a huge hit among students. It’s nice to have a break from being in the classroom while still being able to gain knowledge pertinent to the course you are taking. The fancy dinner was a four-course meal that all CIMBA students and staff attended. Everyone was required to attend etiquette training beforehand. I found this to be extremely helpful since we were taught international etiquette practices and I hope to have the opportunity to travel abroad for work in the future. The dinner was a wonderful day to wrap up our study abroad experience before finals began. It allowed us the opportunity to mingle with professors, staff, and fellow students before we had to hit the books.

Then it was time for finals, which as usual were not very fun. Contrary to what some might believe, study abroad courses still require work. If you decide to study abroad you must have a strong commitment to your grades – it takes a lot of willpower to bring yourself to study when you are in a foreign country and constantly have opportunities for travel and new experiences. Study abroad is such a huge growing experience, you learn a lot about yourself, other people, and the world. Having the experience to study in another country and travel teaches you to enjoy the moments when you find yourself lost. If you don’t miss a train, get lost in a city, fail to get off at the right stop, loose your map, have issues with the language barrier, or order pepperoni pizza not knowing it means grilled vegetables in Italy instead of the disc-like slices of meat we’re used to… then you’re doing it wrong. These are the moments that you will remember the most, not when things went right, but when they went horribly, horribly wrong (like not being able to check into your hostel because they don’t speak English and having no idea what to do) and you still managed to have the time of your life.

Now I’m off to explore Venice and Croatia so this is the last post from me until I get back to the States. I am extremely excited to see my friends and family, but not quite ready to end this amazing adventure.