Choosing CIMBA

Written by Katie February 4, 2015

Exploring the surrounding area of Paderno del Grappa

The beautiful CIMBA campus

I have always known studying abroad was something I was eager to do in college. I researched and expressed interest in a variety of countries but had yet to come across a program that felt quite right. Finally, I narrowed my scope to Italy but nearly every school offered programs residing in Rome, Venice, or Florence. While these cities sounded appealing, I could not imagine myself feeling at home in such a large metropolitan areas.

I began reevaluating my priorities and eventually discovered CIMBA! Immediately, I knew it was the perfect fit. Not only was it located in a small city, but in Northern Italy surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains with plenty of opportunities for hiking and meeting new people. With over 25 days of travel built into the semester, the schedule is ideal for exploring new cities and cultures. The availability of business classes was also a determining factor, as the courses I am taking here will keep me on track for graduation.

As a student, it’s been a relief to not have to be concerned about cooking meals. One simply cannot beat the convenience of our centrally located classes, dorm rooms and the cafeteria in the same building. The local living environment in Paderno del Grappa provides a sense of security. The surrounding area is easily accessible and provides a great alternative when I want to get off campus and experience authentic Italian culture.

In addition, the small class sizes allow for interactive and experiential learning. In my U.S. education, I have found it easy to refrain from sharing my opinions and ideas during class discussions. At CIMBA, my behavior has notably changed as I recognize the importance of contributing in a smaller setting, as well as being present physically and mentally. The professors offer a wealth of knowledge, both in their field of study and in terms of sharing tips for traveling.

Above all else, CIMBA stood out due to its emphasis on leadership and personal development. One of my favorite quotes is “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” In my opinion, there is no better time to push yourself to grow and step outside of your comfort zone than the present. Time is already flying by here and each day I feel more confident about my decision to attend CIMBA. Views like this will never get old!