My CIMBA Courses

Written by Katelyn Murhammer May 18, 2018


My first week here in Paderno del Grappa is coming to an end. It took me a few nights to adjust to the time change, but I am absolutely loving it here! I have already met several new friends from a variety of universities, ate out at a local Italian restaurant, and learned a lot in my two classes, Italy Live and Engineering Statics.  

I am very glad that I chose to take Italy Live, a course that introduces you to Italian culture and language, even though it is not a part of my required engineering curriculum at my home university. Just in the past week, I have learned how to count numbers, introduce myself, say where I am from, speak in a restaurant setting, talk to local Italians while traveling, and other important phrases in Italian. It is very interesting to learn about the differences in the culture here in Italy compared to what I am familiar with back home. I am so excited to learn more Italian language and get the opportunity to travel to nearby cities with the class in coming weeks.  

The second class I am taking is Statics, an engineering course. So far, we have learned about solving the moment and scalar components of a force vector and how to properly draw free body diagrams. As an engineering student, I am really enjoying the coursework and feel that I am learning so much. I was nervous that the class would be too fast paced for me, but I think that it has been working out well and that I am learning very effectively! 

Ultimately, I would highly recommend taking one or both of these courses at CIMBA! Especially for engineering students, I think it is great to reach out and take a class that isn’t specifically engineering, like Italy Live or Greek Mythology. CIMBA is giving me a great opportunity to learn new and interesting material that I probably wouldn’t have done at my home university.  

Ciao! Buona giornata! (Have a great day!)