CIMBA Reflection

Written by Katelyn Murhammer June 25, 2018

Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made – no joke. Being abroad in Italy for a month was such an amazing and unique experience. I met so many new people, traveled to beautiful places, ate delicious food, and got lots of school work done! I loved being a part of the CIMBA program and having the opportunity to spend time focusing on school while also getting to experience the Italian culture.

It was very cool to take classes with people from a wide array of majors and home universities. I met so many unique people and became very close friends with several of them. It was also nice to share this experience with people that I already knew because it helped me feel more comfortable, especially in an unfamiliar environment.

I loved being able to get two full courses done in the span of a month. I feel like I learned a lot, even though the courses were very accelerated and intense. I thought that the teachers were very considerate of the fact that we were in the CIMBA program to experience Italy, not to spend every free moment studying. Also, the teachers were very friendly and helped me stay on top of things, especially since the courses went by so fast.

Lastly, I had a blast eating loads of pasta and pizza. The food was undoubtedly amazing, and I already miss it. I was so glad that we had a pizzeria and bakery nearby our campus so that we could grab a snack or go out to dinner with friends on our own time. I also loved seeing how the food differed from city to city while traveling around Italy and being able to compare that to the “Italian food” we have in the United States.

Overall, I already miss being in Italy and all the people that I got to experience it with. If you are unsure whether studying abroad is right for you, then just go for it! Trying out CIMBA for a month isn’t too much of a time commitment, and you will be able to experience so much. I know that I absolutely loved my time in Italy and do not regret going at all!

For one last time, Ciao!