Growing Pains

Written by Kate November 27, 2018

The most challenging part of studying abroad is the growing pains. You’ll experience some of the best moments of your life while nurturing amazing new friendships and connections, but sometimes you’ll catch yourself wishing you could share this experience with your loved ones back home. I was privileged to have two of my oldest friends coming to stay in Italy with me during one of the last weeks of the semester. If you have the fortune of friends or family visiting you during your time in Paderno del Grappa, there are a few tips and tricks that will help travelers from the states planning a visit to CIMBA.

  1. Lodging- Hotel San Giacomo is less than a two-minute walk from the CIMBA campus. While CIMBA does not allow non-students to stay in the residence halls, this will allow you to be near family and friends. I am able to see my friends between classes and at all meals; even with my busy school days I have the chance to catch up with them often.
  2. Day Trips- If your loved ones will be visiting you during the week and you’re not sure how to keep them occupied while you are in classes, there are an abundance of culturally enriching, fun-filled cities that make an excellent day trip for visitors to Paderno del Grappa. Verona, Venice, and Milan are all an easy train ride away. I am sending my friends off to The Juliet House for a day while I take one of my midterms- and they could not be more excited! Your visitors can explore different Italian cities while you attend classes, and they can still be back to see you by a reasonable time that night.
  3. Daily Life in Paderno del Grappa- There are tons of fun things for students (and their visitors) to do while still keeping it local. Paderno is located near beautiful hiking trails, markets and pastry shops, and even paragliding for the truly adventurous spirit. Whether you are staying in town with them for the weekend or just looking for a way to fill your afternoon, visitors will not be disappointed with the experiences Paderno del Grappa has to offer.

Studying abroad is the most enriching, fulfilling adventure I have ever embarked upon, but there have been lots of moments that caught me off guard, moments where I found myself thinking I wished my loved ones could see this, too. If your friends or family have time to vacation overseas while you are studying here, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to show them around your new home. You’ll come to find that you’re not the only person that has noticed all the ways you’ve grown.