CIMBA Campus Life

Written by John Burley March 23, 2018

We have reached our halfway point here at CIMBA. With that being said, everyone has gotten a lot more settled in and accustomed to the lifestyle the campus has to offer. The first couple weeks were more geared to getting to know each other, followed by a heavy combination and focus on travel and academics. Hidden in all the craziness is actually one of the most relaxing college campuses I’ve ever experienced. Granted I have only gone to one university; I have been able to see where some of my close friends are studying in Europe during my travel days.

First, here at CIMBA you are surrounded by some of the nicest people. It starts with the incredible staff, from the professors all the way to the undergraduate directors. Everyone within the administrative staff is always looking out for you and your best interests. Whether that be helping with your travel plans or making sure your morning headache doesn’t turn into a week long illness. Beyond the CIMBA staff, the people of Paderno Del Grappa and the neighboring towns are extremely welcoming. For example, across the street are two convenient stores where most students go to grab a variety of goods. Tabaachi #2 is owned by Diego and Bruna, the best of the best when it comes to the locals. I happened to get my shampoo taken by TSA coming to campus but luckily Bruna and Diego understood my troubles to help me get ahold of another bottle for the semester. I even know some students missed Srircha sauce so much that they brought it to Diego’s attention and sure enough one week later the store was selling the hot sauce. 

Another great piece of this campus is the surrounding piece of nature. Coming to campus I knew that there were some mountains, that if lucky, you would be given a view of them from your dorm room. Upon arrival I was in shock to see how truly beautiful these mountains actually are. We have gotten to experience a couple of light snow falls this semester and the next morning the mountain tips are completely covered in fresh powder. Like I mentioned before, some of my fellow students have already climbed Mt. Grappa. I know a group of us are staying here one of the last weekends to be able to climb it also but it some warmer conditions and without the snow aspect.

In addition, the nature, the campus recreational side of campus is top notch. Students this semester are taking full advantage of that. No matter the weather conditions, you can find some us shooting some hoops, playing tennis or even battling the local Italians in some soccer. If the weather conditions aren’t in our favor, we move right into the big gym area and continue our games in there. Also, there is a full weight room and has almost everything that you need to keep of with your healthy lifestyle from home. You can get a key fob for the weight room for only 5 euros, which is a steal if you ask me. Needless to say we have quite the competitive group this semester and things tend to get a little intense.

Lastly, I would classify the food that is included in your tuition as upper tier dorm food. Not sure about everyone else but during my freshman year my meal plan was no where near how we get treated here. Most of the meals consist of an Italian dish or pasta followed by a meat option as your second entrée. If you aren’t feeling either of those, cold cuts are also being served as well for a nice sandwich. I have even noticed in my travel group when we come to an end of the weekend, we begin to express how we miss the cafeteria food. Another plus is that you only have to walk down two flights of stairs!

In my next blog, I will be for sure to cover some important topics that I learned from my travel week! 10 days of vacation in Europe, yes, please!