Walking through Clouds

Written by Jennifer September 30, 2014


This week has been crazy to say the least. Classes seem great so far- but I’ve only had two days of them. Strange, right? I’m currently in the LEAP program and Group B (B for Best) took the Da Vinci Challenge.  From strategizing how to complete obstacles to going against your natural instincts in a trust fall, you really  bond with people whether you want to be carried or carry them.  During the end of this week Group A (I’m pretty sure that stands for “Almost as good as B”) and Group Best will be switching. I will be in LIFE. It’s pretty secretive so I hope I enjoy it! I think it will be about leadership and speeches….sorry that’s all I’ve got for you.

Group climbing down Mt. Grappa

Photo Credit: Mattie Terzolo

This Sunday, we hiked Mount Grappa, and it was amazing. I have nothing to say but “wow!” Okay- I lied. It was jaw-dropping gorgeous. We were walking through clouds. (Sure you could call it fog but I think you can use more imagination than that). The air was perfectly crisp and the climb was tough enough to make you push yourself to keep your speed. OH yeah there were donkeys. Have I sold you yet?

Photo Credit: Mattie Terzolo

Photo Credit: Mattie Terzolo


I love hiking. I love that it is a reflection of trust and resilience. From conquering an actual journey to overcoming physical discomfort, it’s incredibly rewarding. You feel your calves burn as your muscles begin to tear. You take caution with every single step because you aren’t 100% sure if the trail’s elements will work with you or against you. Yet, you go on because you know that the way up is far worth the feeling of the very top and the reflection of the way down. Anyone want to go on another hike??

Mount Grappa Hike

After the hike this delicious coffee was my reward! I have to say this is not difficult to get used to at all. Classes are great, but the work is starting to build. This whole balancing thing is going to be very important this semester…

Here’s a photo of a latter that I drank- no reason, it was just simply delicious!  Delicious Treat after the Hike