We’re on our way..

Written by Evan May 20, 2013

From this morning when we didn’t have internet:

We’re finally traveling! Currently Kylie, Jenna, and I are on our way to Pennsylvania (Jenna’s house) for the next day until we fly out for Italy! We’re driving straight through the night to cover the 900 miles from Iowa City to Pennsylvania. With Jenna and her mom driving, Kylie and I are trying to entertain ourselves for the 13 hour car ride we have ahead of us… So far after covering about 250 miles at 2am we’ve found entertainment in the little things like blue zebra neck pillows.

Every possible use for a neck pillow.

Every possible use for a neck pillow.

Finally, we made it to Pennsylvania and we have internet now! For the rest of the day we get to relax and catch up on TV shows. After a stressful week of finals it’s great to finally just hang out with friends and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!