Best teachers out there

Written by Christopher April 2, 2013


After being in the classroom of a small study abroad program, is it easy to see how different it is from the class atmosphere of our home universities. At CIMBA my largest class is 40 students and my smallest class is 18. My smallest class at my home university was 35 and my largest class was well over 500 students. Although some of the classes taught here are major focused classes, so they will naturally have smaller numbers, even the entry business courses like Intro to Finance and Intro to Law only have an average of 25 students, while at home university they have well over 100.

Evening with Professors

These number carry with them not only the ability for you to get to know your professor at a personal level, but it also allows the professor to interact and remember the name of each student that is in their class in order to help struggling students. In large classrooms if a student is struggling and does not put any effort into getting help from the professor, the professor will not have the time to reach out to help the one student. In a small classroom atmosphere of CIMBA, each professor has the opportunity to do just this and help struggling students.

The professors here at CIMBA care about each student and take the time to get to know your name, ask you how your day/week is going, even ask if you would like to go get a cup of coffee and talk about anything. This is how learning should be done and the professors here at CIMBA are the best of the best and care about everyone in the program.

Evening with professors

Chris and Al at Formal Dinner








The biggest advantages of this program for me are the professors and atmosphere that is provided. I have had meetings with each one of my professors multiple times, some were initiated by me and some by the professor. I have talked about everything from my travel breaks to my future, but some of the more interesting topics are the professor’s pasts and how they got to where they are now. One of my favorite and I have no doubt that most people in his class agree with me is Joe George. If you ask anyone, and I have, their responses are, “best teacher ever”, “there’s nothing this guy hasn’t done”, “if you haven’t you need to hear some of his stories.” These are just a fraction of the responses that I have received when asking about Joe. Joe came into town everyday over this past weekend to catch up on some work, but every bit of free time he could spare he spent with the few of us that stayed around town. He watched basketball in the hawk room and ate lunch and dinner with us always sharing stories. This is the kind of relationship that I wish we could have with every professor at university, but with how it is structured there is not enough time.