Travel Week!

Written by Caroline November 10, 2017

            Before we knew it, the highly anticipated travel week had arrived! So much time, research, and preparation went into those nine days that felt so far in the future. However, in line with the rapid speed of this entire semester, travel week came and went. In one backpack, I packed for nine days, three countries, and one big ol’ adventure.

            My friends and I decided to travel to Brussels, then to Amsterdam, and lastly to Prague. Here is a recap of possibly the most fun nine days I’ve ever had:

 Brussels, Belgium

            Brussels was actually my second choice for a study abroad location, so I was curious to see what it’s like. Brussels is the epicenter of Europe, as the European Parliament is located there. So, unsurprisingly, a large percentage of Brussels’ citizens are not from Brussels. It’s a huge melting pot of cultures, but it still manages to hold on to its historic and distinctive character.

            We had a great time eating Belgian waffles and wandering the Grand Place at night. We took a day trip to the famous Atomium outside of the city. Who knew you could actually go in the Atomium?! As it turns out, there is a whole museum and restaurant in the unique structure. The museum was featuring a fantastic art exhibit with life-sized recreations of Belgian artist René Magritte’s works.

 Amsterdam, Netherlands

            I visited Amsterdam four years ago and promised myself I would return someday. Luckily, that day came and the unique city certainly did not disappoint. In three days, my travel companions and I went to eight museums, ate some of the best food we’ve had in Europe so far, and took in all the scenic canal sights. Amsterdam is absolutely dreamy this time of year.

            Highlights from our time in Amsterdam include visiting the Anne Frank House, the Heineken Experience, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Banksy exhibit at the Moco Museum. We also ate at a relatively new restaurant in the De Pijp area called The Avocado Show. Being an avid avocado lover myself, this restaurant changed my life. Every dish on the menu featured avocado in ways I never thought possible.

 Prague, Czech Republic

            This was my first time in Prague, and I felt like I was walking around a storybook. Prague is breathtaking!! It’s equal parts medieval and contemporary. Modern clothing stores such as H&M are housed in beautiful buildings with gorgeous molding and gold accents. And the views! We stumbled upon a bunch of picnic tables atop a hill in Letna Park one afternoon, grabbed some hot chocolate, and took in the sights.

            Prague was unlike any place I had ever seen, and I already know I’d love to return. Their famous trdelníks are enough to get me on a plane back to the Czech Republic… yum!

            It’s hard to believe the most anticipated week of the semester has come and gone. My time at CIMBA is coming to a close all too quickly, but I am grateful for all the memories and friendships I’ve made. Here’s to the last three weeks! Cin-cin!

Ciao from PDG,


CIMBA Café Hack: Paderno del Grappa does not necessarily have the best food options for the daily mid-afternoon snack craving. So, grab a roll from the lunch line in the mestre and ask for ham and cheese. Cut the roll in half and make yourself a sandwich to go. Your 4pm #hangry self will thank you!