An Ode to the Small Towns

Written by Caroline October 23, 2017

Saturday night in Bassano

Bassano at dusk is not to be missed!

Bassano views

You know you live in a small Italian town when you have to stop for this...

Jump off the Alps: check.

Girls night in Crespano!


           Ciao tutti! This past weekend, several Cimbians and I took a break from travelling and stayed local in Paderno. It was a much needed break from the rush of seeing a new place, and we had a blast exploring all the area has to offer. It made me particularly appreciative of CIMBA’s unique location in northern Italy. And, luckily for us, the weather was absolutely perfect.

            On Friday night, some friends and I walked 20 minutes to the nearby town called Crespano del Grappa. I had previously been to Crespano’s Sunday market, so I was looking forward to seeing more of the area. We took a recommendation from a former CIMBA Campus Life Coordinator (you’re the best, Jay!) and paid a visit to Giuseppe Verdi, a local pizzeria I’d heard amazing things about. The pizza 100% lived up to the hype! We had a great time sitting at one of the outdoor picnic tables by the heaters chatting and enjoying some of the best pizza we’ve had so far. We then walked down the road to Crespano’s gelato shop which, in my opinion, is the best in Italy. Talk about a hidden gem!

            On Saturday, I saw my little Italian town from a whole new perspective. And I mean that literally. I went paragliding! Some fellow brave souls and I jumped off Mount Grappa and checked that adventure off our bucket lists. It was amazing! I had the most incredible experience soaring so closely to the mountains and looking far into the distance for miles. It was a memory I will never forget!

            Saturday night was just as fun. We ventured into another nearby town called Bassano del Grappa. I did not know much about Bassano other than that is where our closest train station is located. We were shocked at the beauty of Bassano and could not believe it’s right in our backyard. There are so many charming shops and cafes to wander into. We spent ours eating our way through Bassano and promised each other we would be back soon.

            Sunday was filled with catching up on sleep and with friends back home. Some went to the Crespano market and others went for scenic walks around Paderno. I was not much of a fall person until I came here, that’s for sure. It’s the perfect time of year to live in northern Italy!

            If it were not already obvious, I am reminded more and more each day how great it is to spend three months in an obscure little town with the most beautiful neighboring spots and gorgeous mountain ranges. This weekend was the perfect time to explore and feel grateful. After all, ‘tis the season for gratefulness, right?


Ciao from PDG,


 CIMBA Café Hack: The best breakfast treat is a banana, Nutella, and the grain cereal. Cut up a banana, slather on some Nutella, and top your bite-sized piece with some cereal. Yum!!