My Best Packing Decisions

Written by Caroline November 20, 2017

           Packing for my semester in Italy feels like an eternity ago. I must have spent a week making piles, checking off lists, and researching the local weather to make sure I’d be well-prepared. Through my thorough packing research, I was sure to bring some things that ended up being the MVPs of my semester.

            As I know several people who are gearing up to embark on their spring abroad semesters, it seems fitting I share what has worked well for me as my time here comes to a close (no!!!). I hope future Cimbians finds this helpful!



I pondered writing an entire post titled “An Ode to My Travel Backpack,” but that felt excessive. But, truly, my Osprey backpack has been my most faithful companion on my trips this semester. I have this one, and it’s been great. Its’ size meets airline requirements and can fit lots of stuff. It makes walking around through cities with my luggage very easy.


  1. Several outlet converters & chargers

You can never have too many of these! It’s nice to have a couple outlet converters to plug in your laptop and phone at once. And, chargers are prone to getting left behind, so bringing a couple with you is definitely helpful!


  1. Along the same lines, a portable charger

My 24-hour portable charger has been another semester MVP for both me and my friends. Your days exploring are long, and you will definitely need a charge come mid-afternoon. Mine is linked here.


  1. Travel containers for toiletries

These are a must for air travel, and they are surprisingly hard to come by while abroad. Be sure to buy some in the States before coming!


  1. Comfy kicks

Anyone who has spent any time in Europe will tell you this is a must, and I’m here to confirm. Luckily, fashion-forward sneakers are coming into style, so you don’t need to roam Europe’s cobblestone streets looking like a mom or Mary Kate Olsen circa 1995. But comfortable and waterproof shoes are essential and not to be overlooked!


            There you have it! The above items have been lifesavers for me since I’ve been here, and I highly recommend you consider them before zipping up your suitcase.

            I only have 17 days left here! What??! The time has absolutely flown by. I’m doing my best to soak it all in and take advantage of every opportunity, and that includes a trip we’re taking tonight to Asolo, a nearby medieval town. Here’s to the last few weeks!


Ciao from PDG,


 CIMBA Café Hack: This is not really a hack, but be sure to try the soup! The CIMBA cafeteria offers soup as an option for dinner every night, and it’s so good. It’s easily overlooked because of the delicious pasta, but be sure to try it a couple days a week!