The Crazy and Weird: Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone While Traveling

Written by Adam December 5, 2016

Top of Casa Batilo-Barcelona


I figured since the last travel weekend just ended, a good topic would be going outside your comfort zone more than just studying abroad itself, but what you do while you’re here. Because if hopping on that plane from the states is further outside your comfort zone as you want to get, then the whole study abroad experience may not be completely beneficial or memorable. That being said, I’ve found that if something  seems too crazy or weird to you, just remember that it’s the crazy and weird people and things that drive to better things in this world. 

When it comes to my personal experience having been here, there’s not much I’d say I really held myself back from doing, or held myself to be too shy to talk to someone. Meeting people from all over has been awesome; not just the people at CIMBA, but when traveling. I’ve met people from all over Europe and we can talk about things other than politics. We talk about sports, music, different cultural values, why Italians drive like complete maniacs (but it’s kinda cool and scary to be in a car with them – I’ll give ’em that). It’s really cool to see how much someone from a country can live up to your preconceived expectations of what someone from that country would be like. It’s also fun to answer peoples’ questions about America – as if I’m some sort of encyclopedia for everything that happens and has happened back home. One of the latest topics with some of the Italian students has been Kanye West’s recent cancellation of his American tour and how they were really excited for his European one. 

Also, there’s not much I won’t eat back home, I’m kind of a bottomless pit. But sometimes here when I’ve seen something and have absolutely no pre-made assumptions for what it could taste like, I’ve tried it. Sometimes good and sometimes I wonder if that should legally be considered “food”. Going to cities and getting lost in them is also a ton of fun. In most of the places I’ve gone the violent crime is very, very low, so while I do take precaution, I feel safe to walk around them somewhat aimlessly in. 

So just remember, it’s the crazy and weird things in life that have the biggest influence on you, and often times make some of the best memories.