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  • Sydney
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2017 Spring

The 5 Types of Friends In Your Study Abroad Travel Group 02/24/17

One of the best parts about studying abroad in Europe is the opportunity to travel to a new place almost every weekend. But traveling wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if it weren’t for the people that you are able to share it with. So while the scenery, the food, and the history of wherever you […]

A good friend will ALWAYS get gelato with you, no matter what.
We met a professional Rugby player from Ireland while having dinner by our hostel!
The crowded and scenic Marienplatz, or Mary's Square, in Munich
These are quickly becoming one of our favorite many snacks of the day.
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  • Sydney
  • The University of Iowa
  • 2017 Spring

Caught Off Guard: Why it’s Impossible to be Fully Prepared for Study Abroad 02/07/17

In the months leading up to my semester abroad, it felt like I’d done nothing but prepare. I renewed my passport, read articles written by students studying abroad in Italy (including the CIMBA blog, of course), downloaded the app Duolingo to learn some Italian, connected with classmates on social media, attended the CIMBA program orientation, […]

A quiet alleyway we found while taking a shortcut to the Verona Arena
All smiles after graduating CIMBA's three day Leadership Institute For Excellence (LIFE) training
Frutti di Bosco from Pasticceria Gambasin
The magnificent view from my dorm room; the one cloud in the sky even looks like a heart!!!
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  • Carley
  • University of Missouri
  • 2017 Spring

4 Reasons FOMO Is Not A Good Excuse To Miss Out on Study Abroad 01/13/17

You may be sitting here reading this wondering: What is FOMO? Well, let me back up and explain this before I tell you how I overcame it. FOMO – or the Fear Of Missing Out – is exactly what it sounds like. Before I committed to studying abroad, I constantly found myself going back and […]

Ready for Take Off on This Journey
Passport & Sunglasses: Check
I'm starting to think she could blend in on the plane
Those who say the grass isn't always greener on the other side haven't studied abroad
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  • Mallory
  • Furman University
  • 2016 Fall

What LIFE Isn’t: Making Friends Abroad 09/30/16

I can’t believe it, but I’ve now been in Italy for a full week! I was lucky enough to spend the past weekend in Paris with some friends! With jet lag behind me, I’m happy to say I’ve finally started adjusting to life here. This past week has been CAP week. It has involved a […]

LIFE graduation!
Emma and I at the Louvre on our first day in Paris.
Emma and I waiting in the Paris airport to board our flight to Venice.
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  • Samantha
  • University of Minnesota
  • 2016 Summer

A New Beginning: Reflections on my Time Abroad 07/11/16

As I pulled away from the Bassano train station, I realized this was my last endeavor as a college student. Going forward, I’m no longer surrounded by students of similar interest who are on the same journey as I am. Now I’ve realized Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota has built a great […]

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  • Megan
  • Western Michigan University
  • 2016 Summer

What I Learned through CIMBA and Being Abroad 06/27/16

Where to start? I learned something new every single day while being abroad. CIMBA is a program that encourages you to experience new things and learn from both success and failure. The major aspects the program and being abroad taught me was how to finance myself, embrace change, interact with people from different backgrounds, and remain […]

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.06.00 AM
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  • Megan
  • Western Michigan University
  • 2016 Summer

CIMBA Relationships are Second to None 06/07/16

As soon as you arrive on campus at CIMBA, you will immediately begin to create relationships. The staff at the school, who are often not even related to the CIMBA program, want to help. Your peers, who are just as excited and nervous as you, want to help. The community, for example the store owners across […]

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  • Kevin
  • Clemson University
  • 2016 Spring

Remembering your Study Abroad: 4 Ways to Document the Experience 03/10/16

Studying abroad flies by. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this in every one of my posts, but it just continues to fly by; there are so many fun trips, incredible cities, and unforgettable experiences that they all seem to blend into one awesome city or weekend. In the last 10 days I have […]

Beach in Barcelona
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
Crepe from Amsterdam
Phillipe travels to Florence
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  • Emily
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2016 Spring

The Path Less Traveled (By My Home University) 01/27/16

Ciao from Italy! It’s been a little over a week in beautiful Paderno Del Grappa and I feel as though I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of things! For my first blog post here, I thought I would talk about something that has had a major impact on my study abroad experience so far—choosing […]

We went as a group to the nearby town of Bassano to enjoy some shopping and food!
Enjoying some dinner at a nearby campus Pizzeria!
Our first ever Italian Futbol game!
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  • Elizabeth
  • University of Minnesota
  • 2015 Fall

Embracing My Inner Tourist 10/15/15

“Is there such a thing as a traveler’s high?” is a question that popped out of my mouth as we were wandering around Florence last weekend. While the more technical term may be “wanderlust” (definition: a strong longing for or impulse toward wandering), I know for certain that there is a rush of adrenaline that comes along with […]

The incredible view from Castel San Pietro
Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" at the Uffizi
I'm not the only one stopping to take photos!
Shamelessly posing in the Botticelli gallery
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