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  • Mallory
  • Furman University
  • 2016 Fall

9 days. 7 flights. 2,547 miles. 11/28/16

Over our extended travel week, I was fortunate enough to travel through Spain and Portugal with three friends: Alex, Emma and Grace. We planned our trip around some crucial things we wanted to see and do. These things ranged from reenacting The Cheetah Girls scenes in Park Guell to relaxing on a beach in Mallorca. […]

At the airport in Barcelona waiting to get out tickets.
The view from the gelato shop we ate at in Mallorca.
Waiting for the bus in Barcelona to take us to the airport.
Taking pictures at Park Guell!
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  • John
  • University of Delaware
  • 2014 Spring

An Unexpected Surprise, Finals Week, Paragliding and Saying Goodbye 04/09/14

As I sit here in my house in South Jersey, it still seems unreal that I will not be returning to my Italian dorm.  Finals week sped by in a blur.  Unlike a normal finals week where students remain cooped in their rooms or the library studying all day and night, this finals week was […]

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