Leslie Hazlett

Program Coordinator (University of Kansas)

University of Kansas student support

University of Missouri- Kansas City: Master of Business Administration
CIMBA Graduate Summer Program
University of Kansas: Bachelor of Arts- Environmental Studies

Joined CIMBA in 2003

The most amazing place I have traveled to is: The Tuscany region of Italy! I was eating dinner one night outside on a terrace and watched a religious ceremony where they were parading a religious relic through the town to the church on the hill above the restaurant. Some of the greatest memories happen when you are in the right place at the right time!

In three words, the CIMBA experience is: Eye-opening, life-changing, and enriching.

My favorite place in Italy is: Any small town! I love to get a real authentic feel for the Italian small village way of life.

My best piece of advice for future CIMBA students is: Make the most of your time: explore and experience all that Italy has to offer!